Thursday, 27 September 2018

Held Back by Fears?

Last week I posted on my blog a basic coaching exercise involving settng out and analysing the pros and cons of different options you have. Sometimes you may do this kind of analysis and see that there is a clear action or decision to take which is likely to be more advantageous than doing nothing, but still you do nothing.

If this applies to you then it may be that there are fears or worries that are holding you back. These might for example be things like:
  • Fear of the unknown or 
  • Worries about how other people will react to you taking the action, or 
  • A lack of confidence that you can carry the action through.
So if you are holding back on a decision or action that you know it is sensible to take, then ask yourself what are the fears about acting that are inhibiting you. For each of these fears consider what there is that you can do or say to yourself that will help you to overcome that fear. This might for example involve:
  • Reminding yourself what the benefits of the action will be once you take it, so as to help to motivate yourself or
  • Assessing in a balanced way the fears that you have and remindinding yourself of any distortions or excesses in those fears so as to achieve a more balanced perspective or 
  • Seeking the help of someone who you know will be able to support you effectively in carrying through the action that you want to do.
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