Thursday, 24 December 2015

Why Families Fight at Xmas

With Xmas Day less than 24 hours away time is running out if like me you have experienced family fighting at Xmas before but haven't yet worked out how to avoid it. If you are not in this category then ignore today's Blog post and proceed straight to Xmas! If you are in this category then read on now because if you wait until after Xmas day it may be too late!

According to Professor Melanie Booth-Butterfield (yes I have finally found someone with a surname worse than mine!) families fight at Xmas because of a phenomenon called Hypercopresence which involves families suddenly being in each other's pockets and forced to live at close quarters all day having spent all or most of the year apart (see Hypercopresence and Xmas). With everyone using the same bathroom, tight schedules and children running around things can easily get out of hand. And if you add alcohol into the mix, I need to go further?

So what can you do to mitigate the effects of Hypercopresence syndrome at Xmas. My top tips:

1. Spend a few minutes now thinking up a strategy for how you are going to keep your emotions under control - this might involve a plan to control the amount of alcohol you drink and/or a conscious effort to remind yourself that this is only one day (or two or three as the case may be) and/or a reminder that you will allow others to make the decisions for a day and/or will offer to help proactively. Or it might be something else - you know yourself and your family best, so I trust you to come up with the best strategy.

2. Remind yourself of your strategy on Xmas morning (if it helps write it down) and keep reminding yourself of it throughout the day!

3. Enjoy Xmas!

If all that fails have a Happy New Year!

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