Thursday, 31 December 2015

Time to Face Your Anxieties

Suppose you're feeling anxious about acting in a certain way or taking a particular step in your life and that anxiety is inhibiting you from acting. How can you assess whether it is worth trying out that action or step. One option is to address your psychological anxieties straightforwardly by asking yourself any or all of the 3 questions below and writing down your answer(s):

1. Friend Technique - What would you say to a friend in your situation who told you they were experiencing that anxious thought?
2. Two Main Arguments -  what is the main argument that would suggest your anxiety is justified and what is the main counter argument to that? - keep your analysis brief - just one argument on either side. You don't necessarily need to reach a conclusion immediately about which side is stronger, just state what you see as the main argument on either side.
3. Face the Fear - What is the worst that could happen? How likely is it, how serious would it be and how could you act constructively if it did happen?

Happy New Year!

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