Thursday, 2 July 2015

The 10 Second Fix

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were something you could do for 10 seconds which could solve all your problems and stresses? Well, perhaps not actually because a certain amount of stress and problems acts as a useful driver. However, if your stresses and problems are getting really bad or are just turning round in your head in a way which is not helpful, then the following simple breathing exercise can help you to be calmer:

1. Inhale slowly, allowing your stomach to rise naturally as you breathe and counting 1 in your mind, then exhale slowly allowing your stomach to fall naturally as you let the breath out and counting 1 again in your mind.
2. As you breathe (whether in or out) focus your attention on the sensation of the air entering or exiting your nostrils or mouth. If thoughts come into your mind and distract you, simply smile and try to refocus on that sensation.
3. Continue with the process, counting 2 for the next in-and-out breath then 3 and so on up to and including 10.
4. You can then stop, or if you want repeat the exercise several times.

Now, 10 breaths in this way takes more than 10 seconds and as said at the start of this blog post this isn't going to fix all your problems, so no it's not really a 10 second fix, but it is a useful calming exercise!

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