Thursday, 7 May 2015

Be Dignified in an Argument

Sometimes the simplest tips are the most memorable and useful.

My suggestion today is that if you find yourself, whether by planning or accident, in a situation where something someone is saying or doing is angering or frustrating you, try to be dignified. This doesn't mean you don't say what you think or feel and it doesn't mean you have to say or do anything in particular. It simply means what it says on the tin - try to react in a manner which is dignified.

If you can act or speak in a dignified way, the benefits are likely to be:

  • You keep your self-respect
  • You don't feel so guilty
  • You have a greater opportunity of getting across what you want to
  • You earn respect from others.

Every situation is different so this may not help in all situations but more often than not in a situation of potential confrontation or disagreement it's worth a try.

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