Monday, 4 May 2015

Should You Swap Your Vote?

As the UK General Election looms, some voters are making use of 'vote swapping' websites to make their votes count. In some ways this is the next step on from tactical voting.

With tactical voting you cast your vote for a party other than your favourite party because you know that your favourite party has no chance of winning in your constituency but you think that at least if you vote for say your 2nd favourite party that party might have a chance of winning the seat and your vote won't then be completely wasted.

With 'vote swapping' you take things a step further. You agree with someone in another constituency that you will cast your vote in your constituency for their favourite party in return for them casting their vote in their constituency for your favourite party. Why you might want to do that and questions such as 'Is it legal?' are discussed in the article at the link below from the Independent newspaper:

Vote Swapping

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