Monday, 11 May 2015

Changing Your Life's Narrative

Many, perhaps all, of us have unstated beliefs about how our life is or should be. Recently, I came across an article on the internet by someone who previously lived her life by the belief that in order to be entitled to relax fully she needed to have put in hours and hours of hard work first. In retrospect she now believes that that belief stemmed from a feeling of guilt at having been born into a life of abundance and the thought that she needed to work extra hard to make that abundance deserved. On coming to this realization she created a new story for herself: one that said that life is a magnificent journey to be enjoyed in every moment. You can find the article at: The Stories We Live Our Life By.

I'm not sure I entirely agree that life is a 'magnificent journey' - at times it seems quite hard to me. On the other hand, I like the idea behind the article - that if you can recognise the underlying beliefs or narratives that have hampered your life or restricted you, then you can start to change them if you so wish.

Do you have a narrative that has hampered your life? Is it objectively justified? If not, then what is a new narrative that you can start to follow for yourself?

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