Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Positive Emotions

Continuing with my series of blog posts discussing the self-help tips in the article Ten Easy Steps to Happier Living by Mark Williamson and Vanessa King, I am today looking at their 8th tip: Take a Positive Approach. Their tip focuses on the idea that when we feel positive emotions such as joy or pride, we also perform better and our physical health improves.

So ask yourself what activities do I enjoy doing, that help me to feel better or act more productively? Plan sensible ways of incorporating these activities into your life more if possible. One word of caution though - be wary of temporary emotional hits which then lead to a comedown - for example, drinking alchohol can make you feel better temporarily but alchohol is a depressant drug, so not only can it lead to behaviour which you later regret, it is also likely to lead to disturbed sleep and lower moods afterwards. My suggestion would be therefore that when you're working out what enjoyable activities to try, please focus on ones which don't have potential downsides that outweigh the positives! Aside from that word of caution, enjoy yourself!

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