Monday, 12 January 2015

Do Things for Others!

'Do Things for Others' is the first tip in the article Ten Easy Steps to Happier Living by Mark Williamson and Vanessa King. Great tip! A lot of us spend too much time focusing on ouselves and our own problems or desires. This can create emotional and mental stress. There is research suggesting that volunteering is helpful for mental and physical wellbeing. This is perhaps not surprising, as focusing on helping others can help you to avoid being too introspective and get you out of a gloomy mindset. You may also get positive feedback! So if you've been dwelling too much on your own problems then maybe it's time to get out and start helping others!

One word of caution however, be wary of overdoing it - if you ignore your own needs and always try to please others, that might be the time to try a different approach and start doing things for yourself!

Tomorrow I'll discuss the 2nd step to happier living!

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