Friday, 9 January 2015

10 Steps to Happiness

In this blog post, I highlight 10 suggested steps to a happier life which were proposed in a Guardian article in November 2014 by Mark Williamson and Vanessa King (To read the article visit: Ten Easy Steps to Happier Living). My personal experience is that trying to focus on 10 different things all at once is rather difficult (I would of course say that, as being a man  multi-tasking is not my forte!). So my methodical way of dealing with this topic is that I will in this post simply list all the 10 proposed step for you to see. Then as from Monday (12 January 2015) I will be discussing one step a day on my blog. So come back to the blog on Monday if you want to see my comments on the first step!

Here is the full list:

1. Do things for others.
2. Connect with people.
3. Take care of your body.
4. Notice the world around you.
5. Keep learning.
6. Have goals to look forward to.
7. Find ways to bounce back.
8. Take a positive approach.
9. Be comfortable with who you are.
10. Be part of something bigger.

See you on Monday when I talk about the first step!

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