Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Inefficient Use of Time

Following on from my last blog post where I detailed the fifth of seven common things that hamper people in making significant change (see 7 Errors of Change: No.5: Over Confidence), here is my description of the sixth error of change - Inefficient Use of Time - and what you can do about it:

Error No. 6: Inefficient Use of Time

Do you find it difficult to achieve change or progress because your mind wanders or because you become over preoccupied with just one aspect of what you are doing and devote a disproportionate amount of time to that one aspect at the expense of other important ingredients of successful change?

If this applies to you then try the following simple time management strategies:
  • Set priorities and plan time accordingly.
  • Take short breaks in your day to keep your mind fresh.
  • Ask for assistance if  you know someone who can help you or teach you what to do in a more effective way.
  • Build in relaxation periods in the week. If you spend all your time trying to achieve the personal or professional goals that you want, you may experience 'burn out' or feel jaded. Through allowing yourself some specific time to do something else and forget about your project, you may actually find that you use time more productively when you are focusing on your project.
  • Plan your project with clear achievable goals, setting specific actions to assist you in reaching them with associated timescales or if you are not ready for that stage then at least set yourself a first step and do that.
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