Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Not Planning for the Unexpected!

Following on from my last blog post where I detailed the sixth of seven common things that hamper people in making significant change (see (7 Errors of Change: No.6: Inefficient Use of Time), here is my description of the seventh error of change - Not Planning for the Unexpected - and what you can do about it:

Error No. 7: Not Planning for the Unexpected

If you are trying to achieve significant change, you can bet that at some stage something unexpected is going to happen, so what can you do about that? Here is what I suggest for starters:
  • Before you start to embark on your change project, ask someone who is in a position to know what potential pitfalls to be aware of - ideally ask someone who has successfully done what you are  planning to do - and ask what advice they have for how to deal with these potential pitfalls.
  • Try to create a safety net for yourself to give you some scope for the unexpected and a plan to fall back on if things don't work out in your change project. If possible before you start, follow the recommendations relating  to over-confidence that I gave previously (see 7 Errors of Change: No.5: Over Confidence) even if you are not usually afflicted by over-confidence!
  • If it's too late and the unexpected has already happened, creating a problem for you, then draw up a list of your options now and of the Advantages & Disadvantages of each option, before deciding what to do. If you think it might be helpful then also seek appropriate independent advice as to whether there are any other practical options open to you.
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