Monday, 13 October 2014

Over Confidence

Following on from my last blog post where I detailed the fourth of seven common things that hamper people in making significant change (see (7 Errors of Change: No.4: Giving Up Early), here is my description of the fifth error of change - Over Confidence - and what you can do about it:

Error No. 5: Over Confidence

For some people what prevents them from achieving effective change is not too many doubts but the opposite - too much confidence without a realistic assessment of the challenges and how to overcome them. If this applies to you then try the following:
  • Consciously identify potential risks that could prevent you from succeeding.
  • Create a plan to enable you to prevent, reduce or deal with those risks.
  • Devise a contingency plan for what you will do if your plan does not succed, or takes longer to achieve success than you expect, so that if that happens you will be able to cope and regroup while you decide how to resume progress or alternatively change direction effectively.
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