Thursday, 18 September 2014

5 Lifestyle Tips for Women?

Recently I came across the link below "5 Steps to a Better Life" which is thought-provoking at least. It begins by commenting that a recent survey indicated that women want to be happy (in preference to finance, fame, career or image-oriented goals). As a man I'm not really qualified to comment on this but hope that it is true - if any women would like to comment on that or anything else in the comments section for this post please do!

The article then goes on to highlight 5 tips for how to give yourself a better life (I think the tips are supposed to apply to men as women?). In summary these are: Helping others; Supporting brain function in your diet; Being fitter; Losing weight; Ageing gracefully. I make the obvious observation that it's only important to lose weight if you actually are overweight and that the diet for supporting brain function that they recommend is rather esoteric (shellfish, turkey and dark chocolate). So the list seem a bit of a mixture of the sensible and the whimsical. Still read for yourself and by all means post a comment to say what you think:

5 Steps to a Better Life

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