Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Why You Should Always Park a Long Way from the Supermarket

Today's post is about why you should if possible park a long way from the supermarket entrance when you go shopping. The answer is simple - it gives you more exercise.

Last week I posted on my Facebook Life Coaching Page a link to an article highlighting the risks of a sedentary lifestyle (Office Work More Deadly than Smoking). The multiple benefits of exercising 40-60 minutes per day to both mental and physical health are well known. What is important to realize is that you don't have to work out in a gym or play exhausing sport to achieve this goal, you can do it by walking or other simple activities. If you don't have the inclination, time or money to go to the gym every day, then instead focus on making simple adjustments to your routine that enable you to be more active in a simple way - this could include:

- parking further away from the supermarket entrance so you have to walk further to and from it
- walking up and down stairs rather than taking a lift when you have a choice
- walking to your destination when it is not far rather than going by car
- any other creative ideas for adding walking or simple exercise to your daily routines.

Good luck and good health!

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