Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Can Brain Training Prevent Dementia?

Alzheimers Disease and other forms of dementia have started to attract more research recently because of their prevalence (currently 800,000 people in the UK have dementia) and the devastating effect that they can have on individuals and families. One question being explored is whether doing regular activities that challenge the brain such as sudokos or crosswords or computer games can help to reduce your risk of developing dementia. You can find the Alzheimer's Society's account of research done so far at the link below:

The Science behind Brain Training.

If you are over 50 & live in the UK and you are interested in participating in a current research project on this issue go to: Brain Training Research Project.

If you just fancy trying an online brain training demo test for fun, then go to: Test Your Brain

Find Self-Coaching eBooks at: Downloadable Self-Help eBooks
Coaching Resources available at: Coaching, CBT & Self-Help Ideas

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