Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Do You Spend Too Much Time on the Internet?

On this week's blog I have been discussing the self-help tips in the article Ten Easy Steps to Happier Living by Mark Williamson and Vanessa King. The third tip in that article is Take care of your body, the rationale being that body and mind are connected and if you look after your body sensibly this will benefit your mental and emotional wellbeing too.

One point alluded to in the article is that at times it may also boost your wellbeing to 'unplug from technology'. If you find that your day is dominated by checking your smartphone or your computer, communicating via email, browsing the internet or communicating on social networks, then maybe this is a tip worth considering. Everyone's brain needs a rest from time to time!

If this strikes a chord with you and you think you do spend too much time interacting on the internet then make a specific decision as to how you can reduce this sensibly, eg. switch off your devices at times when you don't really need them, or set limits on the number of times or times of day when you are going to log into certain sites, or decide whether you really have to interrupt what you are doing to read an email that has just arrived. Start to take control of your use of the benefits that technology can bring before it overwhelms you!

Best of luck

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