Friday, 16 January 2015

3 Tips if You Want to Learn Something New

On this week's blog I have been discussing the self-help tips in the article Ten Easy Steps to Happier Living by Mark Williamson and Vanessa King. The 5th tip in the article is Keep Learning. The idea is that it is a good idea to keep challenging yourself to develop new skills or to practise new hobbies. The implicit idea is that this will help to stop you stagnating or getting bored and may boost your self-confidence and sense of accomplishment.

Broadly, I would agree with this suggestion and add 3 further tips to help you in your pursuit of something new:

1. In choosing a new skill or hobby or intellectual challenge, pick something that you are genuinely interested in - don't just learn for the sake of it!

2. Start at a level of time commitment to the new pursuit that you know you can realistically manage.

3. If the new pursuit is something that requires you to be organised and self-disciplined then plan how you are going to approach the task - e.g. set aside specific times to practise or develop your skills or set achievable targets to aim for within specific time frames.
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