Friday, 12 December 2014

Life is Unfair

I sometimes find myself thinking about a particular situation or person why did they do that or just my luck to have that happen or you shouldn't act like that (either directed at others or at myself).

Underlying these thoughts is the idea Life shouldn't be unfair. What I find helps is to remind myself that actually life is unfair sometimes! Once I've reminded myself of this I tend to shrug my shoulders, stop wallowing in self-pity or anger and move on.

So my suggestion for today is if you are angry or indignant or self-recriminating about some aspect of life which seems unfair to you, acknowledge that life is unfair! For sure, if you can do something to change the perceived injustice or unfairness then do so. If not, then accept and move on to an area or issue that you can do something constructive about rather than wallowing in indignation.

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