Thursday, 18 December 2014

Be Patient With Yourself

Suppose you have a negative thought or anxiety that keeps recurring to you, maybe it's about something that has happened or that you have done, or maybe it's about something that might happen or not happen. What can you do if the thought is really annoying or upsetting you?

First of all ask yourself: Is there anything practical that I can reasonably do to resolve the situation the thought relates to? If there is, then do that.

But what if there isn't anything practical you can do about the situation? In that case, the worst thing that you can do is usually to try to fight the thought or to get even more annoyed or upset that the thought keeps occurring - that will just remind you of the negative aspects of the thought by giving it too much time, attention and importance.

Instead, accept the thought is happening - we all have negative thoughts which are exaggerated and unpleasant that happen from time to time. Try not to beat yourself (or the world) up about it. Remember that in time the thought will go or at least will diminish in importance if you don't feed it. Other things will take over in importance. So try to just smile at yourself for being human and having the thought, then start do an activity which will help you to focus on something else, remembering that you can get on with your life even if the thought recurrs from time to time. Don't feel that you need to get rid of the thought before you can do anything else. Instead, focus on doing the something else and then the thought will in time assume a more reasonable perspective.

Patience with yourself is a virtue!

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