Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What Characteristics Help to Prevent Depression and Anxiety?

I recently came across an article highlighting some research indicating that people with two particular characteristics have a reduced chance of developing anxiety or depression. Here are the 2 characteristics:
(1) High Distress Tolerance, i.e. the ability to tolerate experiencing negative emotions/distress and
(2) Low Anxiety Sensitivity, i.e. being willing to experience fearful thoughts and feelings without worry about what those fears might mean.
In fact the article suggests that people with these both two characteristics may be twelve times less likely to develop depression or anxiety than people without either of them.You can read the full article at: Why Do People Develop Anxiety & Depression Problems?

First a note of caution - this research is based on a fairly small sample (347 adults).
Nonetheless it seems to make quite a lot of sense and is also consistent with what many CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) practitioners regard as the first principle of managing anxiety: Accept the Anxiety. The better you are able to tolerate difficult feelings rather than feeling that you have to drive them away or explain them, the more likely you are to be able to reduce the risk of those feelings getting worse or of you not being able to manage them.

The good news if you suffer from anxiety or depression is that you can learn to develop or enhance the 2 characteristics above by following some basic principles of CBT and anxiety management.
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