Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Being There for Someone

In my personal life and professional career, I am often reminded in relationships by how a little bit of attention to what someone else is saying coupled with a non-possessive attitude can go a long way (both having been been the beneficiary of this and having been the person almost unconsciously giving it at times).

Some people when they witness others in difficulty or faced with a stressful situation, have  a tendency to feel they must intervene with a great contribution or piece of advice. This is often not the case. A simple act of listening carefully, paying attention to what the other person is saying and acknowledging what they are saying can go a long way in many situations. If you have a simple constructive suggestion to make that can be helpful too, but often you don't need to go overboard with advice and indeed the other person may feel smothered if you do.

In certain circumstances being there for someone or just showing by a small act of attention that you care and are listening, can be immensely valuable.

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