Thursday, 5 May 2011

What is Self Coaching?

Self Coaching is when instead of paying a professional such as a life coach or counsellor to help you make changes in your life or deal with problems, you use some of their techniques to do it for yourself!

The advantages of this are that you save money and you may also gain in confidence from seeing that you can achieve change on your own.

You can find some simple articles to help you with self-coaching in different areas at the link below:

Additional Coaching Resources available at: Coaching, CBT & Self-Help Ideas


  1. A good questions to ask yourself if your self coaching is "What do I want?" "How do I get there?" "What's the first step?" Write down your actions.

  2. I agree with Anna that figuring out what you want is often the first step. Sometimes though, this is a very difficult question to wrestle with inside your own head- which is why the coaching professions continues to grow! Even as a coach myself, I often find it difficult to define my own goals without a solid sounding board, be it a life coach, a friend or my spouse. Often these desires need to be externalized in order to accurately see them from multiple angles.

  3. It's nice to see a different point of view on this thought process, however, sometimes you may need a guiding hand.

  4. Nice. But sometimes what we need is someone who can tell us what to do, someone who can guide us, think better than us. As you can see, when problems strike we often lose focus. The reason why we're prone to making the wrong decisions.

  5. Thanks for post,

    in addition to what has been suggested,

    once the aim has been achieved,
    if a helpful thinking pattern has been created which enabled solution,
    then it may be a sign of something the person may be able to extrapolate into other areas or fields in his / her life.

    Life Coach

  6. Getting a life coach is an investment in the future. Any person who is having difficulty sticking to any plans for self-improvement can benefit from having a professional coach there to offer guidance and support at every critical and difficult stage of the process.

  7. A Life Coach will always be present, respectful and authentic and above all, will know that you are the designer and conductor of your own destiny and are, invariably, responsible for every action, reaction and course of action you take (or not) in your life.

  8. Life coaching to me is teaching someone how to fully live life as an individual without any hassles and if there are, it also teaches how to overcome them...

  9. I agree completely with Life Coach Dave's post. Just having a sounding board makes things much, much clearer.