Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Submit Your Life Coaching Question

As many of you who are receiving my free Life Coach Tips Newsletter may know, I am going to be using this life coaching blog to discuss particular life coaching topics, issues or topics raised by visitors to my website and readers of my newsletter.

If you have a particular query, problem or issue that you would like to submit to me for a response on this blog (and inclusion in my Life Coach Tips newsletter) then please email your query or subject topic to me via the email link at the foot of this blog entry.

All ideas or questions will be considered though I can't promise to publish responses to each and every one. Where I publish a response, other readers of the blog may use the 'Comments' link at the foot of a blog entry to comment on my response or the issue. Please note that your first name (only) may be cited as the source of the query if a response is published, so if you would prefer a pseudonym to be used, then please let me know when you submit the query.

Please Put 'Life Coaching Blog Question' in the Subject Line of your Email so that I can identify it as a submission for this purpose:

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