Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Do you imagine the worst?

Many of us have a tendency in particular situations or even generally to imagine the worst is going to happen. In cognitive behavioural therapy jargon this is called 'Catastrophising' or 'Fortune Telling'. Our mind gets over anxious and runs riot.If this is happening to you here are 3 things that you can try to help:

1. Try not to panic about the fact that you are catatrophising. Most of us do this from time to time. It is not a personal reflection on you but most likely a defense mechanism or else an habitual reaction you have built up over time or because of experiences in your past. Accept that there will be occasions when your anxieties will cause you stress then try to deal with them practically.

2. Try asking yourself what you would do if the worst really did happen and whether there are any positives you could take out of the situation. Sometimes a bad or distressing situation can produce benefits or changes which can be productive.

3. If the negative thoughts won't go away then try to do something which will give you a more positive or healthy focus until they or whatever is causing them goes away. This might be exercise for example or else an activity which requires your concentration or a healthy pastime or creative, mental or social activity which you enjoy doing.

For information about where you can get more tips for dealing with negative thought patterns, click on the link below:

CBT Techniques to Beat Negative Thinking

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