Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Are You Making Yourself More Anxious?

When we get anxious we often have a tendency to fuel that anxiety by worrying about the very fact that we are anxious and feeling that we have to get rid of the anxiety. Unless there is a relatively easy way to deal with whatever is causing your anxiety, this can often actually make it worse not better. If your anxiety is about something which is not going to get sorted out quickly then it is often better to accept it and try to focus on other things rather than to try to fight it or get rid of it.

Sometimes it is helpful to ask yourself the question what am I doing that is making the anxiety worse?  For example, you may realize that by treating the anxiety as if it has to be got rid of or by forgetting to carry out ordinary daily tasks or do things you would normally enjoy you are making your anxiety worse.

If you realise you are acting in a way which is making your anxiety worse then set yourself the aim of adjusting your behaviour/actions accordingly, e.g. by making a conscious effort to carry on with your daily activities or by focusing on other things to take your mind off the anxiety. Usually the anxiety is more likely to reduce or to be manageable if you do this rather than if you spend all your time fretting about something that may be quite intractable.

Good Luck!

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