Wednesday, 26 July 2017

What You Resist Persists

Last week I heard on the radio an interesting conversation between someone who suffers from tinnitus and a presenter. The man suffering from tinnitus, which he could not do anything to prevent, said that he had been helped to deal with the condition by two thoughts. One was the idea that "What you resist persists" and the other was the acknowledgement that "Bad things happen to good people".

What he was recognising was that where you are faced with a situation or problem that you can do little or nothing about, trying to fight it or resist it tends to make your experience of it worse, and also that it doesn't help to blame yourself for the sitution. In this type of situation (as opposed to a situation which you can do something to change) acceptance of the situation is often a good first step to managing it in the best way possible. In this context he also said that he had found meditation helpful. You can find a basic meditation practice outlined at:

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