Thursday, 18 August 2016

Recognising Your Positives

Last week I posted a link to a podcast by Dr David Burns which included a description of 'cognitive distortions' that can lead you to feel negative emotions. One of those distortions is called Discounting the Positives, which involves downplaying any positive characteristics you have or good/successful actions you do.

If you find that (whether out loud or just to yourself) you frequently dismiss positives in yourself which phrases or thoughts such as anyone could do that or there are much better characteristics or of course you acted that way, because... then I would suggest you start to challenge some of that discounting, by examining the evidence:

1. Are your discounting thoughts about yourself really true?
2. What would someone else say about these postives - perhaps they would value them more?
3. What is the counter-evidence that actually suggests your actions and characteristics are of value?

Write down your answers to the above questions and keep the note to hand.
When you catch yourself discounting your postives in a similar way again, remind yourself of some of the challenges you can make to those negative thoughts and start to give some genuine recognition to your positives!

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