Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Anabolic Steroids and Body Image

Today Sky News has run a feature on men using anabolic steroids, which I feel is very enlightening. What the feature suggests is that for many of these men, taking these steroids is not about improving athletic performance or stamina or strength it is about their body image and wanting to look big (or being afraid to look small).

What I would suspect is that for these men building up their bodies in this way will not actually help them to achieve the peace with themselves that they are hoping it will bring. They will probably just want to get even bigger, chasing ever more that illusion until something happens that makes them realize it is indeed an illusion that they are following.

This is not meant as condemnation, but purely as an attempt to suggest that there IS a different way. One in which you can be if not entirely satisfied with your own body, at least able to realize that it is your own body. Accepting that is more likely to help you to achieve peace with yourself than chasing an illusory image.

You can find the Sky News article at the link below:

Inside the UK's Illegal Steroid Laboratories

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  1. Some important points here, I think. Trying to change and improve yourself can be an admirable goal, but if you let it become an obsession or addiction, you will always want more.