Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Reasons Not to Do Things

Do you find yourselves often slipping into a rut or not taking positive steps due to fears or anxieties that might be called What If anxieties:
- What it it doesn't work
- What if I look a fool
- What if they don't like me
etc. etc. you fill in the blanks!

Well, if you do, then one response is genuinely to answer that What If fear.
- If it doesn't work what can you do - Is it really the end of the world?
- If you look a fool SO WHAT!
- If they don't like you, you can move on but maybe they will like you!

Often fears are worse than the reality, so try answering your fears in a sensible way and if you think you can manage them after all then give that positive step a go!

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