Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Dealing with People Who are Impossible to Please

Do you know someone who never seems satisfied with what others do? No matter how hard you or others try, that person always finds something to criticise, something that they think is wrong.

What to do with such a person?
The main thing is not to try to please them all the time - because by definition you won't succeed.

Instead simply act in a way which you feel is sensible and reasonable. If they choose to find fault with it then remind yourself that they would probably have found fault with whatever you had done. Usually it's best to try not to engage in too much debate with this kind of person because it will probably lead nowhere. Keep your conversation with them to the minimum required. If possible be polite but clear (but don't beat yourself up if you do get annoyed because most people probably would in such a situation) and then act in a way that you know is reasonable.

If you are not sure what is reasonable then ask yourself what you would say to another person in your situation would be a reasonable way to act.

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