Friday, 24 April 2015

The Exercise - Diet Debate Rages On

Yesterday the UK news featured reports of experts arguing forcefully that exercise is of minimal assistance in helping you to lose weight and that sensible dieting is the solution (Exercise not key to Obesity Fight).

In my view the usefulness of this argument is that it can stop people holding a misguided belief in exercise (namely that it helps you lose weight). If your main aim is to lose weight and exercise doesn't help you lose weight then you may soon lose the desire to do exercise, which would be a bad thing.

The downside of presenting this argument is that it has a narrow focus on losing weight as a health objective instead of other important aspects of health such as reducing risks of a number of significant diseases and supporting your mental heath, which exercise can have a big impact on (see: also my article Is no exercise worse than obesity?).

The better approach in my view is to take a holistic view of wellbeing. Don't focus narrowly just on weight. Focus instead on a range of sensible health outcomes around mental and physical wellbeing. Exercise and a balanced not excessive diet are both components of such an approach.

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