Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Are NHS Complaints Handled Fairly?

In England if you have a complaint about an aspect of a public health service you have received or ought to receive, you can complain first to the organisation that provided the service you are unhappy with and then if you are not satisfied with your response you can complain to the Health Service Ombudsman. However, serious concerns have been raised by the Patients Association Charity about how the Ombudsman service is handling those compaints.

The current ombudsman is actually a woman - Dame Julie Mellor. I heard her this morning on the radio defending her service on the basis that it's role is to make an objective assessment of whether a patient's complaint about a health service is justified or not and that therefore it is not surprising that some patients do not have their complaint upheld.

You can download the Patient Association's Press Release detailing some of their concerns about the ombudsman's service at the link below:

Criticisms of the Health Ombudsman Service

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