Monday, 28 February 2011

Mediation and Divorce

In the UK the government has recently introduced plans to require couples to attend compulsory mediation before they can get a divorce.

The strongest argument in favour of this is perhaps that going through a lengthy court battle can be a difficult and stressful experience and if possible it is better to reach a mediated solution.

On the other hand some (including several lawyers - who might well lose out if/when the change is introduced) have argued that this is just an attempt by the government to save having to pay out a lot of money in legal aid and that it will have practical disadvantages.

If you are interested in finding out more about this proposal, visit the BBC's website at: Mediation for Divorcing Couples.

From a coaching perspective my own suggestion would be that if you are about to divorce or separate, one of the first steps that may help you (whether or not you go to mediation) is to think through how different areas of your life (and/or your children's lives if you have children) may be affected and clarify in your own mind the outcomes that you would like to achieve from the divorce or separation process.

A simple exercise to help you clarify what you are seeking in this situation can be found on my website at the web page below:

Preparing for Divorce or Separation

Additional Coaching Resources available at: Coaching, CBT & Self-Help Ideas

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