Monday, 12 July 2010

Can You Change Your Sexuality?

The Daily Telegraph recently featured an article citing research suggesting that women may change their sexuality more commonly than men as they mature. Click on the link below to find out more:

What appears to be being talked about here is women's feelings for other women (and sexual attraction) developing or changing over time and some women then 'coming out' as those feelings grow (or even in some cases going the other way and reverting to a primarily heterosexual lifestyle and orientation after being gay, or in other cases becoming bisexual...).

This is a different (but not inconsistent) point from the reasonable observation that sometimes people may change from describing themselves as heterosexual to describing themselves as gay or lesbian when they 'come out'. That is really about 'revealing your true sexuality rather than hiding it because of worries about the reactions ore prejudices of others or perhaps because of a lack of realization or denial of your own sexuality. Click on the link below for an article from the Times which focuses more on that point:

Note: Neither of the articles to which I have provided links above should be confused with the view that homosexuality is an abberration or immoral and that you can or should try to change people's sexuality to make them 'normal'. I have never seen any significant evidence to suggest that that view is either correct or reasonable.

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