Monday, 28 December 2009

New Year Resolutions - Plan B!

New Year is the time when traditionally we decide on the dreams we are going to aim for over the next 12 months - whether that be getting a new career, finding our perfect partner, going to the gym twice a week or something else.

Of course history tells many of us that we don't always achieve or manage to carry out our New Year's Resolution so this Blog Entry is about New Year's Resolution - Plan B!

To construct your New Year's Resolution - Plan B:

1. Think of the dream that you might want to create a New Year's Resolution about - write it down.

2. Now construct your Plan B resolution by writing a sentence that begins 'If I don't [Here insert the dream you put in 1.]....' - Complete the sentence by inserting your optimistic strategy for reacting if your dream doesn't happen for whatever reason.

Examples might be:

  • 'If I don't find a girlfriend/boyfriend I will try like hell to enjoy myself and lead a full life anyway'

  • 'If I don't manage to change job, I'm going to chill out, treat my work as an unpleasant necessity, choose not to get wound up about it, and forget about it in my spare time'

  • 'If I don't manage to travel to the World Cup this year, I'm going to relax and watch it on TV and use the money I save to treat myself in another way.'

I hope you find your dream in 2010 but if you don't then remember there's always Plan B and it may actually be less stressful!

Blog Post Written by Life Coach David
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  1. Hi David, loved the Plan B option it allows us not to completely give up on our goals and to maintain some optimism!
    Just wanted to thank you for the really useful and affordable coaching resources that you have produced.
    Good luck in 2010.
    Kim - personal Development Coach, Yeovil, Somerset

  2. Many thanks Kim

    Your feedback is appreciated.
    Am currently trying to think of my own Plan B to deal with snow outside as I write!

    Happy New Year!