Friday, 6 March 2009

Life Coaching Training

Life coaching training courses are very much the in-thing these days and there are a multiplicity of coach training providers springing up around the UK and elsewhere, many of them making out that to become a life coach is a simple and potentially extremely lucrative process. Most successful life coaches might tell you something different - that to become a life coach, particularly if you want to set up your own life coaching business, is usually something which requires dedication, research and the ability to overcome setbacks along the way.

If you are thinking of training to be a life coach then here are 3 issues you should consider before you sign up to a particular course (this is not an exhaustive list, just some initial suggestions):

  • How much experience relevant to life coaching do you have, e.g. from counselling or life coaching techniques learned in another profession? Consider to what extent the life coaching training course on offer meets the gaps in your experience. If it just goes over skills and life coaching skills that you already have, then you may want to look at other courses. Identify where your knowledge and life coaching skills gaps fall short and ensure that the particular life coach training course you decide on can meet these gaps.

  • A life coaching training course may just look at the skills you need to work with individuals to achieve change or deal with other problems suitable for coaching. But what about the business aspects of what you are planning to do if you want to set up your own life coaching business? Consider to what extent the life coach training course on offer gives you helpful information or ideas for setting up a life coaching business.

  • How much do different life coaching training courses cost and what do they offer which justifies higher prices? Try to evaluate which coaching training courses offer good value for money in terms of the help that they will give you towards your aim of becoming a life coach and the correlated investment you are being asked to make.

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