Monday, 16 February 2009

Job Interviews - NLP Visualisation Technique

Below is an email from a Master NLP Practitioner, who has kindly given me permission to publish it anonymously on this blog. The email describes a visualisation technique that the writer used successfully to help prepare for interviews. I hope that it may be of use to others who might feel anxiety or nervousness about a job interview:


Just thought I`d drop you a line as I was interested to see a blog item on the above subject [Getting Back to Work with Anxiety]. I personally have had a year of turmoil and big challenges leading to anxiety. This arose from leaving a career of 22 years (Military) and having to find a brand new job in civilian life. Fortunately I am also a Master NLP practitioner. I used many techniques to help myself preparing for and going for interviews. One of the main ones was a visualisation technique or "going to the movies" where I would visualise myself preparing for and going through interview. I really hyped the movie of myself up so that I could see myself smiling, shoulders back and feel myself feeling really confident as I entered the interview room and could hear myself saying "You can do this, you have all the skills etc." I would then float up into the movie and try and see, hear and feel through the process completely so that when the time came I had practised it many times in my mind - so that it was almost natural on the day.

I also listened to a CD of my hero - Martin Luther King - listening to his confidence in his speeches and feeling his strength. Last but not least was the '3 heroes' technique in which I chose 3 people who I totally admire and asked myself what would they be saying to you right now. The technique is to move position each time as you 'act' out being your hero and listen to the encouragement and advice they would give you there and then.

These techniques really helped along with some good deep breathing techniques. After 2 interviews, a ten minute presentation and a psychological profile test I got the job (1st job offer). I am now six months down the line and proud of what I have achieved. There has been some challenging days but the 'will' has always been strong with the knowledge that you can always overcome.

Many Thanks for your emails and your blog site it is very helpful."


  1. I so agree with this and will be teaching this technique tomy pupils, before exams. The idea of 'being' your heroes giving advice is really something. Incidentally I have just passed my master's teaching degree the final part of which was a project I created on Positive Thinking Techniques. The pupils all chose the meditative techniques for relaxation and concentration as best The preferred tyhese over inspirational quotes and Positive self- talk, However, I am keen to promote all such ideas and thank you for contibuting yours. David's blof is really helpful and unselfish in sharing,
    From Georgia

  2. I also agree with the ex-military person and have used similar techniques when guiding clients towards self discovery and slef esteem building. I also totally agree with anonymous who thanks David for his generosity and unselfishness in sharing his ideas and techniques. One of the very best sites I have come across.

  3. great article, NLP is a great tool for passing interviews and building up confidence