Thursday, 19 February 2009

Coping During the Recession

As the recession seems to get worse and worse, with job losses, savings rates falling and the stock market well below its levels of before the recession, I have been looking around for tips for people who are financially affected.

If you have been or are one of those who might be affected financially by the recession in the UK and would like to find some information about how to cope during the current recession then you may find the link below useful.

The link leads to a page on the BBC website where you can find some tips and ideas on possible financial issues that might be relevant to you if you have been adversely affected by the recession in the UK.

The issues considered on the webpage include:
  • savings
  • mortgages
  • repossessions
  • redundancy
  • pensions
  • debt:

Click below to find out more:

Coping During the Recession

I hope that you find the information there helpful and that you manage to find some effective ways of surviving the downturn or even manage to use a change in your circumstances to focus on your priorities or to find a new direction for yourself which proves fruitful.

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