Thursday, 30 October 2008

Eating Habits - Slow Down

Some recent research conducted by scientists at Osaka University suggests that eating your food quickly increases your chances of becoming overweight - probably because you continue eating without realizing that you are full. You can read about the research at the link below:

Speed of Eating - Article

A number of diet books had already latched onto this idea before the latest research. For example in I Can Make You Thin Paul McKenna recommends trying to slow your eating speed down and chewing your food thoroughly.

Slowing your eating speed down may not however always be that easy. Here are 3 simple practical strategies you might adopt to try to slow down your eating:

- Put your eating utensils down between each mouthful of food so that you are not shovelling more food into your mouth before you have finished your existing mouthful!

- Take sips of water between mouthfuls (make sure it is water not a drink with significant calories or you may end up putting on weight!)

- Take a break of 5 minutes or more between courses.

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  1. Since I posted this blog entry, one of my newsletters has emailed to ask for information about anorexia.

    This subject is outside my realm of expertise, but you can find information about eating disorders and a guide for people with eating disorders, their advocates and carers about relevant NHS services in the UK at the link below:

    Eating Disorders: Information for the Public