Thursday, 22 May 2008

Marketing for Life Coaches - Publish Articles!

I get a lot of visits to my website from life coaches or people thinking of taking up coaching as a career, so if there is anyone reading this who wants to be a life coach, today's blog entry is about a marketing idea which helps both life coaches and people who may want coaching.

When I was beginning as a life coach some years ago, I decided to focus most of my efforts on internet marketing as that seemed to be the direction the world in general was heading in. I found that one way of giving useful information to clients or potential clients which helped them and also showed that I knew what I was talking about in terms of the techniques I had learned and used successfully for helping people was to write articles on life coaching or stress management issues and submit them to free article directories. At the foot of each article I would include a link to my website so this began to attract people to my site who were interested by the articles and it also improved my search rankings.

It was partly from this that I began to see the power of articles in disseminating helpful information and bringing clients and coaches together in a useful way and therefore set up my own life coaching articles website at

For anyone reading this comment who is a life coach just starting out or wanting to market their service more, you can find a brief discussion about this marketing technique on my website at the link below:

or alternatively just visit my life coaching articles directory and have a look round. If you like what you see then feel free to submit your own article for inclusion. The life coaching articles directory is at:

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